Feminised In A Women's Prison.

This is my real story. One of my biggest humiliation turns into my greatest experience.

i was a boy of 19 then. when all boys of my age was attracted to girls who wore less clothing, for some reason i was attracted to traditionally clothed girls. girls wearing saree,blouse and petticoat really turned me on. specially uniform saree, like female police saree uniform or air hostess uniform.

one day at a local party, the most beautiful girl of the college was wearing a beautiful saree. i couldn't control myself and lifted her saree and petticoat, certainly i was caught immediately and was handed over to her father was a police officer, superendent of the local jail. he decided to teach me a lesson that i will never forget.

several male police men put me in handcuffs and took me to the local jail. there i was handed over to the female jailor, a fat lady wearing khaki police uniform saree. she was very strict and slapped me the moment i was handed over to her. this destroyed what courage was left in me and i was ready to obey her.

the lady jailor took out from a cuppboard a white saree with blue border,a white blouse and a white petticoat. she told me "this is going to be your uniform in this jail for the next 30 days. you will wear this white saree,blouse and this white petticoat like all the other female prisoners and you will live as a woman for one month since you are so obsessed to see what is under a petticoat" .
she then put the saree,blouse and petticoat on my hands and also handed over a white padded bra(newly bought) . i was then marched to the washroom by 5 female police officers all of whom were wearing khaki uniform saree. they verbally abused me all the way.i was resigned to my fate but i also felt strangely sextually attracked to the prison saree in my hand and my situation as a whole.

in the washroom i was told to ***** naked and washed by a hosepipe. two lady officers cut of my body hair with a shaving razor. they then put a wig on my head, it fitted well. it had long black hair that fell on my bottom, but they tied it in a tight bun at the back of my head as required by prison rules. I was now ready to be "petticoated".

first came the white padded bra and it was strapped around my "breast" it fitted well. next came the white petticoat which was tied around my waist very tightly. the fell of the petticoat on my "maleness" was amazing. it became erect under the petticoat. then the white saree with blue border was draped around me. i wore a flat sponge sandal. they all laughed and joked and then made me stand in front of the mirror. i couldn't believe it was me. it seemed like a convict,submissive women wearing prison uniform of white saree,blouse and petticoat.
one police woman wasn't finished yet. she put a red bindi on my forehead and put red sindoor.
i was then marched back to the office of the jailor where she took my finger print and registered me as
name- "Roopa Ganguly"
age- 18
prisoner no - 435
status- married
punishment- 1 month of imprisonment with hard labour.

i was then taken to a cell, which had 8 beds, i had to share the cell with 7 female prisoners. my cell mates found it very funny and abused me in all possible way. the very tight blouse was making it hard to breathe and the very tight string of the petticoat dug into my waist. the saree itself was uncomfortable and hard to manage. i was told to keep the pallu over my head whenever a prison officer appeared. despite all this, i strangely felt a pleasure that i had never felt before in my life. i was now roopa ganguly,kayedi number 435, serving my punishment as a women, in a female jail..

IN Next part, i will tell my prison life, as a women, forced to wear a white saree with blue border, a white tight blouse and a white tight petticoat.
sareeblousepetticoat sareeblousepetticoat
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When is your next part of the story is coming.

Mmm.Thats a very nice punishment


I am happy for you as you enjoyed your punishment.
I am closet CD. I enjoy dressing up in sari with nice padded bra and small blouse.
I am doing this for many years still my wife doesn't know about it. I wish I am punished where I have to dress up in sari blouse wig and nice jewelry.
CD Kanti

very nice story

please post your next part