I Lived Like A Wife Of My Brother For 3 Weeks - Part 5

we saw each other with eyes in bed and that goes to our fist kiss with mouth. my eyes r closed and enjoyed it and comes to bed and it comes to my ears & neck.after that he removed the saree from my navel and give me kiss there. it is to give me a real women enjoyement.after that he removed saree from my legs an suck my legs and heremoved my sarre completlynow i am in blouse and petty coat. he enjoyed my back sideand removed my b louse and petty coat . now i am in bra and panty i saw his 8 inchpenis. i takeit my hand and suck it very proudly. after that he removed my panties and bra. and his 8 inch **** tomy ***.at 1st it is painfull and after that i enjoyed it very much like women. this is ging to 1 hour. after that we r going for a deep sleep. in the morning i got up early and go for a bath like a women and wear another saree and matching stuff ornaments and make up. i am going to kitchen and prepare tea for my sweet hubby.we eat thogher breakfast. i do all the house chores. i prepare food for him.
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Please dont do all these with your brothers. girls are still alive on this earth.

nice experiance same experiance i am having with my brother in law we both enjoyed one week as husband and wife