My First Wearing Of Saree

wen i m in my 8th standard.i atracte dto women clothing 2nd the cupboard i had beenn to my mom's green saree.i wored a bra of her,matching blouse and matching langha.i was feeling like heaven.myself i had seen in the miror luking like a lady without slowly i takened out the green saree and feeled it by touching it. i dnt how to wrap a saree. i had tied it. i can't walk it was so tight.i sat by keeping my legs a girl.sudeenly door was knocked,i removed all clothes and dresed my boy clothes. after coming out of the room,i had decided at that moment that i shd learn of wearing of saree. i will xplain,how i had learnt of saree in my next story.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

every men's have to be wear saree and other female attire should legalise.
if it is possible or it should declare on special day like 15 march shld be unisex day..
like we celebrate women's day like mens shld also celbrate crossdressday day.
why every right only for women's not for men's this question for everybody.
i want answer for everyones