wife helps me crossdressing

My CD experience is getting more interesting now. I did a lot recently including shopping and photographing because I confessed to my wife and she had accepted my "bad" behavior". I am so lucky and so grateful to her. I haven't had sex with other people since I am now willing to be loyal to her. I like CD but it's not my whole life and I am not ready to sacrifice everything else in my life for it. Now with my wife's approval and sometimes "help", I am enjoying it with some peace of mind. She took some new photos for me and today I uploaded to a new folder "new heels" today. Thank you for reading my stories and for leaving your comments.
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Isn't it wonderful being able to share this special part of you with your wife!!
And she actually photographs you in all your glory!! Fantastic!!

lucky to have such an understanding wife !

You are soo lucky and then again, so is she!

You are fortunate to have been accepted by your wife. Isn't it amazing how well things can go after the confession.

nice, so lucky

Congratulations on taking a very big step with your wife. I would love to see the results....did she help to buy what you wore?

Well, I know you realize how fortunate you are. And, a good move on your part. Of course, I think so, as my own situation is rather close.

It is wonderful that your wife approves and supports your enjoyment of wearing feminine fashion. Your are so fortunate.

My partner helps me too, but doesn't encourage me. She's fearful that at some stage I will want to transition.

You are another of the "lucky ones" among us here on EP. God bless your wife for her understanding and acceptance of your feminine side!<br />
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Wish I could trade places with you or another CDer with an accepting, supportive, caring and helpful SO or wife so that I might just once experience the joy and thrill of being dressed and made up completely feminine!

It's great having a supportive G G. Thank you for sharing.