Tomboy Attracted To Feminine Men

I have tried to come out about this for a number of years now, and am glad to find other women out there like myself. I am attracted to feminine men, which in some cases includes cross-dressers. Has not made my dating life easy, as a large number of feminine men are gay and the straight ones are rarely open about their femininity. This might be why I had developed an interest in seeing heterosexual men in drag. Can also find drag queens sexy, but hey that's just eye candy, LOL. I am find certain looks sexier than others, like the classy with a slight edge, clean-shaven and fairly natural looking (hate the big falsies) transvestites. Does that sound weird or does anyone else have preferences? I think it would be loads of fun to go out on a cross-dressing date with a guy, although I could never do it in the small town I live in. Actually it's not the fact they dress that make these men hot to me, it's the fact that they are in touch with their whole self not just their masculine side.
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We are out there I showed my girlfriend a pic of me dressed her response was I need to work on my eye liner any way it dose give men a more in depth perspective on women

I understand where your coming from, Im struggling to find a girl who likes me dressed up .
I love being girly and feminine but am straight and can be strong too x
Even go out buying clothes and stuff on my own x

im up for it femme me up

Perhaps you might be interested in becoming a co-writer for a sequel to my book. I wrote "He's my Little Girl" (M.A. Damien). It was released this past July. You can Google the title for an intro, if you wish. I think that there's a good potential here, and we can certainly iron out details.

that's sweet, I always love to be a women , I'm used to dress like sexy girl but inside doors

I'm 100% american man male, redneck, hunter, fisherman, camper, shaved 80% of my body, love the spa, hit the gym daialy, horniner for a woman than a 2 peckered billy goat and I don't need drugs, and yet I keep 85% of my body shaven and 100% tanned. I love womens underwear, bras because I have gyenocomastia because I was over weight for a long time, plus I love short shorts, capris because I'm a sun god, and womens revealing jeans plus I love wearing womwns shoes and I'm open to all possibilities,

i am a crossdresser from the UK, i would love to meet a wonderful woman like you xxxx

I'm a very feminine man lol at the moment I'm typing in women's uderwear

I still don't understand it, but have made piece with it. When im super horny i like to wear woman's swimsuits. Im straight as can be and no problems with equipment.
SO in theory i should be "manly man" but just love to dress up privately and shag my gf. Luckily she like it as well. So it works out.
If i was in your shoes i would say WTF?????
But im not.

I'm transgender myself (pre-op transsexual) but I still love women as well. I feel like there's a more bisexual part of the transgender community than people are willing to admit.

I'm bi- honey but some reason tomboys love the hell out of me.

My sister caught me in her clothes and dressed me like a girl since 5 yr old, now I'm over 50 yrs old and live and dress as a heterosexual girl. I'm as close to being a girl as a guy could ever get.

I love to be crossdressed by a woman
Im in atlanta

Well you give me hope. As a strong, masculine, bisexual man that loves women way more, it is great to know women like you exist and can embrace men like me :-)

We need more women like you

Wow, I wish there were more females like you out there! I love cross-dressing but enjoy my guy time too.

Well I am a feminine cross dressing man and I have female like curves and some girlie moobs. Hope this may make me an ideal candidate for your desires.....

Most of us feminine people like to connect with tomboys or gay women just because we can understand more of what a female goes thru in life. I've been living as a girl for 30 yrs and I know everything there is about genetic women.

I'm a tomboy too - I like to shop in the men's section because that's where the cool clothes are! I love all types of men; cross-dressing men are just another type of man that like to expand their thinking beyond static social mores.

I am so very attracted to hetero cross-dressing men: Eddie Izzard and David Bowie in a skirt make my legs go like Jello! Maybe because I grew up in the 80s - eyeshadow on men is so very sexy. But its not just physical and appearance; something about the freedom to do what you want and what you feel is wonderful. I accept it, support it, and enjoy it. Kimberley :> <3

Its great to see more women like the feminine guys life style today. We are not any different than women on the outside and we can relate to a women s feeling better

I agree! Although I'm not always a tomboy and do like to be girly girl, I have recently found that a guy in touch with his feminine side is incredibly sexy. Part of that may be the self honesty and openness that it requires. I was really relieved to find out that its not all domination and humiliation. Seems pretty obvious now, but the whole concept was off my radar. Thanks to my beautiful girl, my world is a much better place.

I think I'm on the other side - I enjoy crossdressing, wearing skirts, heels etc. I've grown my hair long and I enjoy the feel of smooth skin but I'm not camp or gay. I'm one of the secret crossdresser/feminine guys that feels pressured into keeping it all under wraps.

My problem has been how to distinguish which women would be into it? Most women I know are into manly men and who seem to admonish feminine behaviour in men. Seems impossible to open up to similar minded people.

Yes it is very tricky I didn't even know other women were into feminine men until after I really started coming out. Because of our overly sexist (what is negativity towards cross-dressing if not sexist?!) many women who lean that way hide it as much as the men they are attracted to do. My suggestion is open the dialog in an indirect way, watch movies and tv shows that feature CDs, if possible straight ones and gauge her reaction...positive or negative, does she actually suggest movies?! Yes I realize it's very hard to find non-campy, non-gay characters who cross-dress but they are out there. Also I am very fond of Eddie Izzard, he is very talented and also happens to be a male CD who likes women.

Wow! Great to know there are women out there like you. It gives me hope. I would so love to go on a date dressed as a woman with another woman. I'm only 45 minutes from Atlanta so it wouldn't be a long
way to travel. I live on a secluded wooded lot so I do get to go outside dressed all the time! I've gone for drives dressed, but never to a destination. I also enjoy anal sex, not with men, women (there has only been one actually) with strapons. The concept and total role reversal is a major turn on for me!

Well that's encouraging to hear newtosilk :) it's funny how other people seem to think they understand your sexuality more than you do.

Foxfairy - good suggestions, thanks :) I'll have to hone some dialogue to figure out who would be interested. It's pretty unfortunate most people are hiding it, though I can understand why. It's all a bit cloak and dagger.
Oh I love Izzard too :) I should try leaving some of his DVDs lying around as a sort of hint.

hi i am a crossdresser who would love to go on a date crossdressed but i have only thought that would only happen in my dreams. it is wonderfull that you are who you are if by chance you are in wv i would love to have my first date as a woman with a woman.

WOW i am happy to see a lady who can enjoy us

Hi Foxfairy I sure wish I knew you I would love to sit down with you and talk about my crossdressing enjoyment and guilt.... for me its a sexual thing, womem's underwear underwear and tight skirts fell much more sensual and erotic than mens.... even though i dress in mens clothing every day I long for the weekends to come along when I can act out my fantasy, I an a straight guy but extremely lonley.... can you help

Not sure how I could help, have had friends who liked to CD but were gay, it's rare in my area for me to even find people who are comfortable with the idea. Not sure how much help I can be. Also while I am attracted to men who dress like that I am also the type who is very relationship minded. This is one of the problems I am having, it's not really a sexual kink for me as much as a simple attraction. One might say I like my men to act like ladies when they are dressed as women, if you know what I mean.

Hello there, I just looked at your profile and thought, I wish I knew a wonderful lady like you, I am a crossdresser and I am very happy about it, I love to be feminine and feel no guilt or shame, it is part of my private life but I can't see the problem with wearing lovely feminine clothes at all.
I love it.
How is your day,
Sandra xxxx

I liked your story I am a straight man interested in cross dressing for a woman

It took me 42 years and a failed marriage to finally come out. I am primarily heterosexual, but I'll bend the rules for some safe fun here and there. I much prefer women. I am a total lesbian in a man's body, but I am also very girly. Grew up in La and now live in Vegas - there must be something in the water.
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Love to find a woman like you

Love your post. I know there is lots of us who would love to meet up with an accepting female.

I love it sister. I dress to embrace my feminine side. I know you'll fine what you're looking for hun.

Well said, but in reality ladies like your self are that of dreams