I love to crossdress my fav thing to wear is pantyhose And any other clothing that is girly I have never went out into public dressed but I would love to but I'm scarred to I started dressing at a young age my sister use to play dress up with me at a very young age n I loved it and havnt stopped yet I'm only 17 and still can't remember the first time I was dressed I only wish I could I bet it was amazing now I usually dress up in anything of my mothers or girlfrieds but she dosnt know I wish she did I am not out to anyone well I could go on all day about my dressing storries just because I love it so much I LOVE CROSSDRESSING!!!
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Is your sister aware of what she started?

I don't know what area you live in but in my area the weather got cold and I started wearing tights to keep my legs warm. Now that I am older I can wear support hose and say my Dr. told me to wear them because I had bad circulation. It works. But honey you are old enough to have bad circulation.<br />
Plus, my wife told our family Dr. that I crossdress and that is one less hurdle for me. I am getting old enough that I am not as worried about what other people think. And, I have seen a lot of tolerance in the last couple of years.<br />
So, wear your pantyhose and enjoy.