My Girl Friend Wanted Me To Cross Dress.

I liked wearing panties when I was young and continued into adult age. My wife divorced me do to my cross dressing and then I bought my own female clothing. When I met a girl and we both confessed out secrets to each other, mine was cross dressing. She insisted that I dress up for her so one day I dug them out and she had me try them all on for her to see. I had a hard on in the first outfit. She said you like doing this don't you. Yes I replayed.
Several weeks went by and she said I should try my clothes on again if I liked to wear them. I did after she continued to ask me why I didn't wear them. I put a tight dress on and pantiehoes, came into the living room and sat down. She smiled in delight and said you should always dress that way when at home. She claimed that I was a more relaxed person cross dressed and that I should practice putting on makeup and wearing it when cross dressed.
After about two days and the long talk about how I should cross dress every day she came home with a new dress for me and had me try it on. She was pleased at how it fit so nicely and I liked it also. From then on when I came home she told me to go change into some comfortable close like a dress or something. I was told this every night for the first week and when the weekend came around she wanted me cross dressed all day. That was the turning point where I cross dressed every day when ever I was home upon her insisting on it.
This was all fine and great for me and after I had quite a wardrobe of female clothing she sat me down and said, "you need to throw all your male clothes away and wear female clothes only". Do to my job I could not do that and she said do it and you can wear female clothes to work. This was more than I had bargained for and as I came home the next day she said give me your clothes which I did. I went and took a shower and she had brought me a nice dress to put on, when I came to the living room she told me she had taken all my clothes to the good will. I was shocked!!!  What was I to wear to work I asked? She had bought me some female slakes, saying here wear these. We had an argument and upon me being so mad she came forth saying that they are all down stairs and that is where they will stay.
For the next two years my closest up stairs had all female clothing in it. After two years we split up. That was the beginning of a life style that led me to changing my gender years latter.
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Wow I would have loved to have a G/F who would love her man to dress this way! And It must have been fantastic to be so relaxed that well at home!

no one knows what they would do, put in the same situation ,your experience has made you you and that is what life is about good for you

I wish I could get my wife to accept my crossdressing and force me to go out with her all dolled up. I think I would totally break her heart though. I do wear black girly boots with 3 1/2 inch heels under my jeans, wear Joe Boxer cotton thongs everyday, have my nails done every 2 weeks and have her buff them very shiny. I also maintain my eyebrows by plucking and keep them as girly as I dare still living as a man. I hunger so deeply to be dominated and forcefeminized and made into my wifes sissy/ househusband and slave to her and her lovers. I John Wayne it EVERY day of my life. I have a severe foot fetish that I just can't quench and have a good collection of my own heels ( mostly boots ). I think my wife and I are both in denial. Help.