I Like Crossdressers Who Can Suck And Swallow

wanted - trainees o r experienced suckers....knee pads supplied... tonsils massaged
phildavis15 phildavis15
51-55, M
7 Responses Jul 30, 2010

phil....I adore guys like you!!

Simple and straight to the point, just like a love. But more I would love to be on my knees now. A groan and following it hot creamy load is enough for my reward.

i luv to be on my knees with a real mans **** down my throte .... please please please and i allways say thank you if he lets me swalow his load !!!

I hope some lovely woman takes pity on you and bites that thing off and turns you into an "IT"<br />
<br />
Because with your attitude that is all you deserve.

You are wrong Shirley - That is what turns me on.. and frankly why should I care about the girl as long as she sucks on my **** and swallows when I *** down her throat

I am not interested in turning a girl on - just using her mouth is fine by me

You are gross. That's what u think turns a girl on...you are wrong. Grow up and get with the times.