i haven't dressed in two weeks. there are two sides to me, as there are two sides to everyone. one side of me is Steve. he works, does the lawn, goes fishing, and normally Steve dominates. Steve was here wayyyyy before Nita. Steve generally rules the roost.
  then there's the other side of me. That's Nita. she is kind of like a spirit in the night. a shadow. a gray cat in a shadow in the night. you can look straight at her and never see her.
  tonight Nita awoke. she had hidden in the shadows over the last two weeks. too tired to fight. and when she did awake, it was time to go to work, to wax the car, to pay the bills.
  but over the last two weeks, Nita, has always been in the background of my mind. lingering. reminding. hinting. tonight she said enough. you will dress.
  Nita is always with me. when Steve is driving down the road, Nita is in the back seat.
  when Steve says i deny you, Nita slaps him in the face.
  so i am dressed tonight. polka dot dress. all the lingerie underneath. panties, hose and garter belt. Nita raised her head again. and i am home again.
  i deny. i escape. i live my life as Steve. but Nita will not be denied. when Nita says Enough! Nita rules. i dress.
  ty to anyone else who understands.

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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

thanx for the comment. for a lot of us yes, this is just the way it is. but for many more, they were never male, just stuck with a male body. i began male, then "Nita" barged in. but that's life. we all have our own goofy path. who says "gawd" doesn't have a sense of humor?