Love Dressing Sluty

Theres nothing that turns me on more than dressing up slutty. Right now im just wearing my white silk vthong. I will be dressing in full sexy lil outfit tonight. Short lil mini skirt, cut off white tee tied n knot at bottom showing my stomach. Black thigh high stockings and black 6" heels, and of course sum sexy lil panties. If anyone has an idea on what I should dress ip in next time let me know thanks ;)
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

Love to dress slutty also. Love when my tramp stamp shows. Oh yeah, I am a **** !!!

Love the sexy little outfit youve picked out...........

I love it! So sexy! Whenever I'm going to meet a man, I always dress up sexy with short tight skirts, sexy laced thongs, and thigh highs with high heels. I love to look like a lil **** for my man, so that he can get turned on and **** me and use me like a lil **** should be!!!

You need to make sure you complete the look with slutty make-up.