10 Years And Counting...

From right back at the start when i was 14 years old, i was always interested in womens clothing and wanting to look sexy! From stealing the Target and Kmart magazines from the paper to "borrowing" tight nylon and spandex clothing and lingerie from my mothers wardrobe. Whenever my family were out or away i would spend the day being Stephanie, my alter, sexy, gorgeous ego.

10 years on Stephanie is still going out and dressing up, only now she owns a pair of sexy black 5" heels and a gorgeous pair of knee high boots. Recently, due to lack of money i havent really let her out but have been researching places where to go. She has only spent time in the car or walking to the ATM. The most outrageous thing she did was, drive from Albury to Melbourne. Stopping in at some of the small towns, relaxing in parks and walking the short, quiet main streets. For those reading this, I live in Australia.

The feeling i have when i transform into Steph is incredible! Its a sense of power, a wonderous, sexual rush of excitement. I'm not gay but the feeling of wandering eyes looking at my curvy body and legs. My best feature is the fact that as a guy, my *** looks like a girls.. quite toned and out there. So any tight pants or dresses i acquire for Steph really look fabulous!

My dream is to one day, visit a club in Melbourne, as Steph. Where i can feel safe and happy and be able to be the real me around people that wont judge or throw dirty looks if i happen to be "made". My only problem is my inability to choose the right wig. Im 24 years old so my reasoning is to choose something that looks like girls around my age, to go with the short sexy attire that i wear. Somehow, i never really get the right one.. I'd really like some tips if anyone can suggest anything.

Anyways, I dont think that i would go all the way in transformation. I do love my male body and my male looks but i guess everyone knows how much they love their fem side too.. maybe a teenie tiny bit more.

The only other thing i'm worried about is shaving/waxing. I want to smooth my arms and legs but worried what people might say or think when i am in male mode. Is there any perfectly reasonable excuse these days?

So thats my story, once i manage to fix my finances and let Steph back out i will update again.. hopefully with a clubbing experience with an extra special event afterwards!!


Stephanie xxx
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1 Response May 22, 2012

I would think that most people won't notice that your arms and legs are shaved/waxed; or if they do, they won't care, or even if they care, they won't have the gall to ask. If they do, you should make a joke out of it and say something like, "Hey, you should see the rest of me!" or leer at them sexily and say in a seductive voice, "I bet that turns you on, honey." The joke will be on them!