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Hello all,
I am a closet dresser, My wife accepts that I enjoy wearing panties(she actually enjoys it!). But when it comes to my dressing she doesn't know that I wear anymore than panties..I just love how I look in a cami.I was recently on a bussiness trip across the state and saw a real boned corset at the goodwill I was at It was sticking out of the rack when I walked by and I just had to have it....I got such a rush when I bought it..(it was my first store bought Item.asides from panties, I get those all the time lol) I rushed back to my hotel to try it on It fit perfectly!!! So I went and bought a pair of thigh highs and a garter next. When I put the whole outfit on I just felt so happy and right.Oh and felt sexier than I ever had..well long story short I got back from my trip and my wife got into my suitcase to wash my clotes and found the corset(luckily I had my bra,wig, garters and thigh highs in another bag)So i saved face by saying I thought it would fit her,so when it was to small We were kidding around and i put it on and she said I looked cute but just wan't into it cause it was to close to CD..So i just played it off and she comes home today and say's Can i give that corset to my friend at work... How do I answer that question? I am in love with the corset but I want to ease her into my cross dressing fetish, as she accepts my panties so I am hoping to talk to her about it, but how have some of you guys let your wives into "our" world???

thanks for you time
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nope took "care" of the corset told her the cat pee'd on it so I threw it out while she was away at a confrence!

Oh and it is more of a CD lingerie fetish with the occasonal dress/skirt blouse... I want my wife to accept me for who I am. I do belive she will but should I talk to her and then dress for her to show her how I happy it makes me.Or talk to her and gage her reaction and go from there?.P.S, she would be the first ever person to see me Dressed,

any advice would be awsome!

you have to be honest, i don't understand why women get so bothered by crossdressing, its OK for them to wear men's clothes, she is the one that needs help, they want everything that men have but do not want to share their thing, hate the double standard. hiding it will not work and she will be mad because you look better than her and you have nicer panties, living a lie with the wife will catch up with you. I have a wonderful woman now who supports me in this and gets very excited by me dressed up. send me a note and we can be pen-pals. :-)

I am just slowly easing her into the Idea..I know soon she will accept it, I already got her hooked on me wearing panties,she loves how nice my *** looks,etc...so I think It will all work out..but for the mean time I will continue to dress only when i go to portland on bussiness trips(I love going over there just for the simple fact I can shop for panties dresses and lingere in the store with out a single stray look!!)