Open Bottom Girdles

I love wearing an open bottom clutches my midriff so nicely, exposes by clitty and my butt to view, looks so 60's, straightens me out up & down, pushes my breasts up....and makes me think erotic thoughts. I have a pink one, a black, and a white one. I got all of them off Ebay. they are all formerly owned lingerie. I bought them to fit and they do.
Ebay is a good place to find what you want, and you dont have to go out in public to get them. It is still hard for me to go shopping for new lingerie in TJMAX or wherever. Ebay can be cheaper if you watch what you are doing. Love...nel
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9 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Pre worn is so nice.....i got mine new, but still love it, i simply adore Rago. ...

My favorite style of girdle!


OBCs are what got me started, loved them then, love them now. Love the feeling of being constricted but having freedom of movement. The 'tug' on the stocking tops, just heavenly.

TJMAXX is a good place to shop for bras and panties.

I agree open bottom girdles are great. The first one I ever wore was my mother's and I loved it. I love the look and feel of them and 6 garter tabs are wonderful!


thanks for the info please add me

Off to go look for one now! Hot! :)