I wish I was able to dress the way I feel more often without being judged. I have kids with my ex and cant risk losing what I have. I can only do it alone and non public. I guess in the end I'd love to find someone open minded enough to let me be me at least at home. Or really would like to find someone that would dress with me. But in the end the reality is being alone.
Needsmoreofit Needsmoreofit
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Keep trying. You'll find someone who accepts you as you are.

Ya I get it you are in a tuff spot, some day you can be yourself but enjoy the time you can and find a way to have just a ride in a car dressed go thru a drive thru and order a coke you can get your fix if you try. Have fun.!!!!

can't afford to start over, I do get some time away and try to find some one to play with but usually don't unless its an abs or bath house which is fine but not really the same