How Would I Do It?

Well I love the stroies that i have been reading, however I just have one problem with this cross dressing thing.
I am 6 feet tall 235 lbs I wear 2xl shirts and jackets (52 coat). I have a 36" waist and I wear size 12 wide mens shoes.
It just does not work well.
Any help?
lockdam lockdam
46-50, M
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

thanks for all of your help at this time. I will go out and try some things on!

For shoes, try Payless in the US. They go up to 13w in women's sizes, which you might be able to squeeze into, especially if it's a sandal style. My feet are just a little smaller than yours (I'm also 6' 3'') and I found a pair of 13w pumps at Payless when I was visiting the US last year, which are really comfortable and a good fit for me. Good luck shopping!

shop on line you will find everything you need, try suddenly femme