My First Time Cross Dressing

The first time I cross dressed was also the first time I felt a pulsing **** in my *** (it was amazing). But this isn't about the sex, this is about how amazing the clothes felt.

I was provided a white button-up shirt with buttons AND a tie at the end. A black and red plaid skirt that look like it came from your sterotypical school girl outfit. Silver panties and bra that fit 32B foam breast forms. Except for my short hair I looked very much like a girl (my hips are pretty feminine).

I really wish I had a pic and hope I can get over to that persons house again..that was fun ;p
jessicafemme169 jessicafemme169
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The outfit sounds cute, and I'm glad you liked your first **** :D


It definitely was hot ;)

im sure it was ....sounds like something id do to you

I would love for you to do that to me

take you shopping...for outfit.....take you by the your hair/makeup/nails

Sounds like a dream to me :)

I'd be interested...

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That sounds so hot

It definitely was