I Just Love To Be Femine

I started to cross dress when i was in a mixed childrens care home.6 boys and 6 girls between 11 and 14 years old .We had separate dorms and live in Carers. All the laundry was collected on Monday and done in the grounds.We had two bathrooms one contained the laundry basket. Knowing there was girls clothing in the basket i locked the bathroom door and began to rummage,it wasnt long before i found a pair of navy blue knickers with elasticated legs .I tried them on and what a feeling of fine cotton and the fitting around the legs was perfect.This then became a regular occourence until i left the home. I love to go shopping at local supermarkets if i like an item it goes in the trolley no questions asked. I have 120 skirts and plenty of feminine apparell ,Heels,boots wigs .I always feel more content with myself when i am not in male clothing.Today i am wearing black bra, white frillies, red tights lilac polo neck, with black dress and knee high boots.
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Jan 11, 2013