I Love Wearing And Buying Long Sexy Gowns

I love wearing and buying long sexy gowns anysizes Have a massive collection and been into it since age of appx 6 , Theres nothing like the feel of long satin gowns stockings silks etc as you walk along or in the wind
I am at a stage now where id love to go out and have been sort or ie door of house garage and car in garage I will go out in the car soon etc Love the risk so far never been caught either really would like now to share storys and find out more about others with the same fetish as me
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Your not alone! There is nothing that compares to the feel of a long satin gown caressing your entire body not to mention how it feels when you rub your genitals with it. I love spending time out doors with the wind blowing through my gowns. I have several satin and chiffon dresses. When I wear them out side they feel the same as my nightgowns do. If I were a woman I would be respectfully dressed. OH! what I wouldn't do to be able to spend the whole day out on the town feeling that freedom and gentle caressing of my skirt with every step.
If we could only openly do it as men I wouldn't have to spend so much time feminizing myself to pass as a woman to be accepted in the clothes I so much enjoy wearing.