My First Time In Panties

The first time I ever wore panties was when I was 10 years old. For some reason I walked into my 3 year old sisters room and opened her panty drawer and I dug through the drawer for about 3 minutes until I heard my parents coming. I grabbed a pair of white panties with 3 rows of pink lace on the back and ran into my room to put them on surprisingly they fit perfectly then again I was small for my age. I pulled back on my jeans and shirt. Then after I was sure they were gone I snuck out to the garage and went into the storage space. The reason I did this is a knew there was about a dozen bags of my big sisters old dresses and shoes etc. So I just grabbed the bags since as previously stated my parents had left and I tossed them down into the garage. After I finished making it look as if I hadn't done that I dashed to my room with the bags. When I got back to my room I locked the door. Then I ripped open the bags and began admiring the clothes after trying them all on I began to hang the shirts and dresses in my closet, I put the pants, shorts, swimsuits, panties, sock, and skirts in my drawers. I loved at night fallining asleep in the dresses and other girl clothes. Heck I only took the panties off to bath and have them washed. My parents suprisingly did not find out for a year they through away all the girl clothes they could find but they did not know I was wearing a lot of them at the time. That is until they decided it was time for a spanking they always spanked me bare bottum so when they pulled off my pants they found out I was wearing 2 dresses and this was about half an hour after I got out of school. They also found me wearing a couple skirts and frilly socks and that first pair of panties. Later on that night I stuck out to get the clothes back.
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Yep i remember raiding my little cousins panty drawer when i visited her, happy days

good interesting story.. me too

brings back memories of my childhood lol<br />
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i still love 2 were girl clothes

good story i love wearing girl clothes too


Oh I remember going though the old clothes too! This story takes me back.