Crossed Legs Allure

Women's shapely legs have always been a source of fascination to leg savvy admirers. Lovely legs adorned in silky sheer stockings undoubtedly enhance the loveliness of a woman's legs. A woman seated with her legs crossed i believe expresses her sexuality sensuously and confidently especially when she is wearing silky sheer stockings. And stockings with a high sheen texture accentuates beautifully the sensual allure of her lovely legs. The feeling of luxurious sheer silkiness encasing her crossed legs must be heavenly.

Crossed legs adorned in silk stockings and complimented with high heeled shoes exudes a unique sexiness that is not lost on savvy admirers. Whilst the image embedded of yours truly admittedly does not reflect the feminine loveliness of a woman's crossed legs it is cited only as an illustration of silky leggy allure.

It is for the lady concerned to decide how much of her crossed legs she is comfortably, confidently, and perhaps daringly prepared to show in public depending on her mood and objective. A delightful sense of well being and exhilaration is her reward from the admiration her silky crossed legs attract.

In conclusion, to all the ladies at EP, i can confidently and unequivocally say that it is in your interest to spoil yourself with the luxuriousness of silky sheer glossy textured stockings as your legs deserve which will be noticed and admired by both sexes most assuredly. Enjoy the appeal you will be eliciting from you mesmerized admirers. 
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Thank you whitefrillies. I greatly appreciate your compliment.

In response to Fontanaslips my best
cause you made my day for the past
30 yrs. of office secretary I wore my
R.H./T. stockings.

Delighted i helped make your day nylontops. Thrilled to see that for the past
30 yrs of office secretary you wore your R.H.T. stockings. I love R.H.T silky sheer stockings adorning the lovely legs of a woman. Clearly you are a lady of renowned and proud sensuality a quality i love to see in a woman.

Thank you so much for your input.

Love the great picture's.<br />