Poopie The Crow

WE adopted Poopie the first week of May 2011. She fell out of an Oak tree at my step daughter's house.We brought her home. She was in shock ready to give up. I held her for 3 hours just stroking her , her little head laying on my shoulder. I kept whispering that she was a strong bird and she was going to be okay. Later I had to force feed her a little wetted down high protein dog food mashed like oatmeal mixed with applesauce. The next morning she was doing great, opening her beak and begging!! I knew she was going to be okay. Poopie now thinks she's a dog and  part of a pack of 3 dogs.She flies free in the yard and does everyhing the dogs do. She goes squirrel hunting with them, too. Poopie's diet consists mostly of melons, meat and cheese. She loves cantaloupe and cheddar cheese is her all time favorite treat. We live on 30 acres so she has quite a big yard. She will chase off the other crows (a family of 4) that come to drink from the pond. She 's very brave and smart. I've never had such a cool bird. I'll never have a caged bird again!! She comes when you call her. Our chihuahua is her all time buddy to follow around and pester. When my 8 year old has friends over, Poopie plays tag with them by tapping down on their heads and doing her little "growl". She barks at the other dogs, and sometimes clucks like a chicken. She screams just like a woman at our big dog CJ when he's in her spot on the porch. Everyday is hilarious. There's ALWAYS something funny going on with her and the other dogs.She likes to hids extra treats I give her and she goes on walks with me and the dogs. Truly this bird was sent from GOD.She makes us all laugh and are amazed by her intelligence.She treats us like a loving family member. She still makes her "baby cry" when I hold her or when she comes to land on my head.People from all over come to see her, she is quite the character.I had a baby sparroe that I rescued last year also. She was with us for 3 months. She was free to fly in the yard too, When I let her go she hung around for months, and came when you called her too. I took the sparrow camping, just like the crow (they still needed their cage) and the Peeper, the sparrow
 flew in to a tree for the night. The next morning she came down and we went home. I knew she was ready to be out of her cage then. Anyways, bird are such smart animals!! My experience with them has toally changed me!! Like I said, I'll never have a caged bird again.
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Mmm nothing like them and they love cheese