I know that crows are smart, I watch them a lot as they visit my yard quite frequently. The video exemplifies just how smart they can be. 
I think it's neat that this guy took an interest in the steppenwolf that the crow is, never very far from our doorstep.
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Thanks for your input and you're probably right, it will keep me busy for a while.

Ha Ha, Lets see if this floats! They are certainly a curious creature. Wonder if she should have gotten the bird his own utensils and see if he would put them there as well. I think it was his little game he was playing with her. A friend had a crow living near his house and one day he left his car keys on a patio table came back and they were gone. Two years later he was pruning that same tree that the crow lived in and found his keys in it's nest as well as all kinds of shiny ob<x>jects, including a watch that wasn't his. Attracted by bright shiny ob<x>jects. Maybe that was the point of your friend's crow, it didn't like all those wooden utensils in with the shiny ones.

I have a friend who adopted an injured crow. She used to keep a crock with utensils by the stove. The crow, who's name is Poe, would take only the wooden ones and put them in the toilet. I'm sure "Ted" would explain this as highly intelligent behavior. But my friend thought is was really annoying.<br />

Fantastic!<br />
I still cannot get over that crow bending the wire! <br />
Who is this guy Ted?

It is apparently a series of interesting videos on youtube, possibly a t.v. series, I'm not really sure there is a Ted.
There are other videos also neat, thanks for commenting