Anyone Here?

I wrote a story here and no one replies ! I wanted to ask a question but I am hesitated now since seem no one is active !
FlyHighGirl FlyHighGirl
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I just found this site.

I see we have ANOTHER attention craver among us

Thanks !

For what ?

For a reply ! I thought no one is here except me?

Everyonez HERE , jus noone LIKES u

Ha Ha Ha , I do not believe you or else I would have seen another recent stories than mine !!! wouldn't I MR??

NO ...not EVERYONE is a story writer OR constant story writer ..

that does not make any sense !

If u want ONLY STORIES , go to another site

that is funny really ! I want people who r active to share & have comments here ! anyway if u know any active group about crow totem tell me 0_0

Im TOUCHING myself right now , ...duz THAT count ??

You need a Spell-check !

No I dont , Its calld SHORT TYP ..SPELL it the way u HEAR it , ...I'll give u an A for EFFORT tho




Im a lil LOST wth that response ..cud u b more CLEAR plz ??

That called code lol try to read

Thats not READABLE ...Thats just JIBBERASH

oh well not my fault if u can not read :)

It's not readable, ...gimmie something I can read


Finally ..

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