Am I The Only One Who Write Storied Here 0_0

seriously ?...............................................
FlyHighGirl FlyHighGirl
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

First ...EVERYONE writes stories here

Second ...U need SPELL- CHECK


First : I could not see any stories after that one I posted long time ago 0_o
Second .....That was funny cause I did not noticed it till u mentioned it heheh
Third .....No one replied But you ! seem you like CONSTANT COMPLAINERS

U think ppl r only HERE to write STORIES ??

Seriously !? yeah stories & replies to others
then why they made this group I wonder !!!!

Jus to AGGREVATE the HELL out of U ...looks like Its WORKING ..LOL!


If I could only love one person on Earth, I would have to choose you, FlyHighGirl!
I do love crows, I find it amusing that so often a mated pair will always be nearby, usually perched up on the wires high above me and watching me. Many people associate them with death or dark things, but not me. They are a clever bird, and patient.Ironically I think that they might consider me their totem.

that is nice ....yeah I am learning about them and knew many things about them
oh well try to ask or wish something next time u see them !

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