They're Magickal!

I own a magick wand, with a crystal on it's end! I love crystals! They're mystical and magickal! I wish I could own many, but they are also expensive... well the real ones anyways. =p

I'm not sure if the one on the wand is real... but, I will assume that it is, until proven wrong! It's a very special wand, as it was a limited made one, hand-carved and put together by a very talented Pagan. This person only made five! And no two are alike. When I saw it on the website, I had to have it and ordered it right away! And as soon as my order was complete, the merchant put up a "Sold Out" notice on the site. So, I feel very lucky to have gotten one of these wands! :-)

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

i got a natural wand of quarts

works freakin wonders

I'm really glad that you like your Magick Wand, and I know that it is real and it works. Enjoy the Magick!

hey I will sell you some crystals and will be very resonable,,,love mary

Well you have fun with your magical wand!