Csi Miami Isn't Always Scientifically Correct, Either.

Tonight "the villain" used dry ice to freeze the water in the sprinkler system so he could torch the house. As if it isn't bad enough that the pipe would have BURST if frozen, it was dug up on a manicured lawn of a million dollar house like yesterday. But they didn't see the dug up part until way late in the show, after ALL those investigators were scouring every inch?
I just watch these shows for the hot foxes anyway so it's OK. Alright, I'm a dirty old man. Sue me!
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Murder, she Wrote ftw

Almost sounds like Miss Marple from an Agatha Christie novel. I like the movies they have her in.

;o) I know what you mean. I have a series of books that I love to read. It gives me a lot of smiles and a few chuckles. But seriously.......................it is about a woman who is a baker and owns a coffee shop. And she investigates murders. and the cops not only let her, they ask her for her help and share all the details of the case with her. Yeah, right. As if.