Don't Believe The Chemistry On Csi New York

I love ALL the CSI shows LV, NYC, MIAMI, but don't believe all the "chemistry" you hear. Recently aired was the episode of the African berry changing your taste buds to be able to eat distasteful this case the poisonous Sodium Hydroxide murder weapon.

Now NaOH, or lye, is a common chemical so why did the label misrepresent the contents of the jar? It SAID it contained 500 ml, which as a chemist means to me the contents are a LIQUID, which pure NaOH is not, but at least a solution could have been contained within to be correct, but when cracked the bottle revealed the real way NaOH comes, in SOLID pellet form. To be correct the label could have said 500 mg, a weight designation, but 3 or 4 tablets weigh that much and a whole REAL chemical bottle label would have said 500 grams.

The label was wrong every kind of way. Picayune? Maybe, but when they dropped a pellet into water it fizzed like alkaseltzer. NaOH would dissolve with no such visible drama like sugar or salt, bubbles were falsely added to make a more interesting - and more false - visual effect.

There have been numerous other errors, but since few notice it doesn't spoil the show for most, and for me only a little. I LIKE IT!

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Too bad they didn't confer with a chemist to make sure they were presenting the accurate description for their storyline. Maybe you should make an offer :~)

:) You are a KEEN observer freed. I agree though. ml is for liquids and mg for solids. So simple.<br />
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Have you seen them working on computers on tv? There are little beeps in the background. If only real computers made music like that.