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Destry - I love the logo you chose for this group - it reminds me of a piece of jewelry that I am currently creating.  My husband changed some of his style recently and did two cubist pieces that I really enjoy - one was of the three of us and another companion piece that is terrific!

I give him credit for inspiring me on this recent piece I am doing, and for helping me find my color (I used to only work with diamonds and colorless stones).

I guess in some ways you could call me a bit of a "cubist" - I think my father's architecture had some influence on me as well.

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I agree Lilt. Isn't it wonderful to have so many amazing artists to inspire us - we are very rich indeed.

There is so much beauty in Giacommeti's simple figures, I am inspired by him as well.

Thank you Tasmin! And Destry - I will definitely send you a picture when I finish it. <br />
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You folks really make me feel good (Destry - you know what I am talking about). I have had such a lousy few weeks - few months UGH UGH UGH<br />
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Comments like yours validate, make me feel part of instead of apart from and are really helping my overall self-esteem right now.<br />
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Love this story and the comments

My parents and husband are all classically trained artists (my parents both went to Pratt in NY). I doubt many people know that while I may not be classically trained (I went to school to study business and law), I learned a lot about art growing up surrounded by artists. I usually never discuss my influences, my knowledge of art, or lack thereof, and art history because unlike my parents and husband, I am not classically trained. For some strange reason, I have always felt that my lack of formal education (and the fact that I can’t paint), meant that I didn’t “know squat about art or art history”. Deep down, I know this is rubbish, but have kept tight lipped none the same.<br />
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I jumped into this new group because one of my friends started it and I realized that I love cubism; know a little bit about it, and in the past has influenced my work.<br />
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I believe that Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were two of the greatest movers in cubism. I read once that they were friendly rivals and that they each inspired and propelled the work of the other. I see their phases from Analytical Cubism to Synthetic Cubism to Cubist Sculpture and think of Picasso’s “Head of a Woman”. However, I think my favorite artist that did cubist pieces is Alberto Giacometti. My favorite work of his is “The Cage”. It is not one of his cast bronze pieces, but rather is made out of wood. It is full of veiled references to sex and violence, but I see something completely different. Several years ago I started a sculpture made out of silver, gold & copper that is strongly influenced by “The Cage”. Just writing about it makes me want to finish the piece. I mostly make jewelry, because that is what pays the bills, but I need to allow myself to create for my soul.<br />
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Thank you Destry for sparking my fire!