That Age

Probably it was one of the strangest moments in art history when about 1910 cubism and futurism suddenly were there and dadaism, then constructivism shortly after.  It all happened within the decade of the First World War. 

Those movements and artists revolutionized our way of seeing and our aesthetic sensibilities. 

Nobody will doubt the genius of Picasso, Braque or Gris who were painting canvases at that time that hardly could be attributed to one of them.  Nor did anybody want them at that time. 

In Russia, the futurist Malewich led the process to its end by painting a white square on a white field. 

The Dadaists initiated a new, playful and absurdist way of being an artist. 

Marcel Duchamp put a bicycle wheel on a stool. 

All these giant steps were made while the world was burning.

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Aren't they just incredible to be able to express what they feel at that time and still be believable during our time?