My **** Made A Film.

I'm a healthy white male who is lucky enough to have a nice size penis, had not really thought about its size! I knew it wasn't small as I was a kid saw the other boys in the changing rooms! But anyway I was working for a courier service on a motorcycle, I love bikes and rock music so it was perfect I was in my mid twenty's then as well, my hair was long I was covered in tats and wore all the leather and denim! A real rocker. One delivery I got to in london had a stunning older woman on the desk and I was like wow and my **** sprung up saying the same thing, I didn't notice at first. Because I was so into her but there was a lot of shouting going on and then this bloke with **** all clothing came smashing his way through the office! As he passed I remember smiling back at the milf behind the desk and said!! **** me its not dull here is it!! But she didn't look to pleased but before she could say anymore another bloke came through ranting like crazy! Find paul or get another one!! I don't want to see that prat again? I'm still just standing there with my ******* parcel thinking WHAT THE ****?????? He then said who are you and stared right at me! Just got a!! But before I could finish! He said do you want to **** a hot girl???? Well duhh!!! Anyway it turns out they were making a **** film! They took a blood sample from me and with in minutes said he's good to go and there I was ******** ******* naked and met by a hot as **** girl who started to stroke my ****! She didn't ask my name until I was hard as an iron rod, anyway we went on to **** for a few hours on and off another fella turned up to help me out as well. As for my job well I lost that as I had parcels for all over london stuck in the saddle case! But hey those days I just thought oh well rock n roll lmfao. But I got a lot of comments about my **** which was great, I looked into more films but the pay wasn't great really! I did alright on that one film as I was really needed I guess lol, but I met someone who had a brothel and I got asked to work there servicing women and couples and I. Thought it was great, its there that I really got into the sex with both men and women. Really me ******* the women and the men licking or just watching their partners as I did them, some would suck my **** clean which I found strange at first but find it one of the best bits now!! Some of the more sissy boys I have ****** the arse of them as well if their wives want me to!! Well I'm there to service the woman mainly and what they say goes lmfao.
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Dec 14, 2012