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First off, I want to thank all you lovely ladies that like sharing your charms and just as importantly, the husbands that allow/encourage you to do so.

There is nothing more erotic than spotting a couple out for an evening with an eye towards showing the wife off or more.. Having spent years on the road, flying from city to city, living in airport hotel rooms more than sleeping in my own bed at home, some road-warriors (traveling sales types) soon learn the ropes and what to look out for. How our stay can be a bit more comforting.

Needless to say, once I've finished up with a presentation, a client visit/dinner or what ever, the rest of the evening is typically a void so off I head to the hotel lounge.
Now there is a secret regarding the prime seat in a lounge like that... 1. You need to be able to check out new arrivals. 2. A view of those inside is mandatory. 3. A view out into the lobby is also desirable (I have hooked up with one lady just crossing the lobby!).

What me and other experienced traveler's look for are couples in which the lady is dressed to thrill/kill. Then you watch to see if they're consumed with each others company or hopefully looking around to access what level of interest they've generated. Believe me, I don't hesitate to let them know how appreciative I am of they eye-candy, the glimpse of her thigh or the swell of her cleavage. Most times, they'll find out my appreciation by having a cocktail being delivered to their table.
SO.. on to a recent encounter. I work the east coast, mostly the D.C. Baltimore area with some trips up to Phil., NJ and NY... On this particular trip, it was the suburbs of Baltimore out by BWI airport.
Once in the lounge, snagging the prime seat, a corner of the bar that overlooked the entrance as well as the dance floor, I noticed a 30's something couple with the wife dressed as described earlier.. The proverbial black dress... and later to learn,thigh high dark hose.
Glancing around, my eye rested on her striking legs... she caught me looking... so what was I to do?... Hell, raise my glass, nod my head and mouth a silent "thank you". I was rewarded with a big sparkling smile... Soon after she leaned towards her table mate and whispered something into his ear...all the while spreading her legs a tad to get closer....and affording me the chance to see the top of those lace topped thigh-highs!..
Her eye's kept sweeping back from her mate to me to ensure she had my attention. And she certainly did!... At times, I'd take the move of subtly "adjusting" myself as a tribute to the show but this time I took it a bit slower...I just returned a slight smile, again a hoist of a toast, and a wink of an eye.
Well... I'm not some sort of creepy stalker so I really didn't non-stop stare at them but did manage to occasionally check them out.... At one point being somewhat disappointed to see that she had disappeared!. With a bit of despair, I turned to the bar to order another round and heard my order to the bartender being interrupted by the guy of the couple I'd been checking out and saying "This one is on me"...Turning to him, to thank him, before I could, he suggested I grab my drink and join them at their table. Now my momma didn't raise no dummy so of course I took him up on their offer.
Back at their table he and I introduced ourselves, chit-chatted a bit about what we do for a living, why we were here, etc. he wife re-joined us at the table. But, not before she reached over to his suit jacket and put something in the inside pocket. We made further introductions and continued chatting for probably the next 20 minutes or more. The lady, Cheri, was the type that likes hand contact... Always emphasizing a comment with a hand on the arm or slapping my leg when making a point... Neither of which bothers me in the least!...The more we talked, the more frequent the cocktails arrived, the friendlier she got. To the point that her hand was pretty much resting upon my thigh almost full time. During the laughter and joking her dress slid up higher and I'd catch her husband (Jason) with his hand on her thigh closest to him... and occasionally up her dress for a brief time.... You can imagine what it was doing to me with her hand just inches from my ****.. his hand probably touching her *****!...
I'm not sure how much time passed but when Cheri tried to get J to dance, he suggested that her and I go instead...She turned to me, I looked over her shoulder to him and received a wink in approval. I took her hand and escorted her to the dancefloor. She fell into my arms (slow dance) much like we'd been lovers for years rather than strangers an hour or so ago.... Her jaw, mouth and nose nestled at the base of my feeling her warm breath on my neck... Damn she caused are definite reaction in my crotch! I let my hands drop a bit lower till they were resting on her hips....and she pressed harder against my thigh...I swear I could feel the heat from her ***** against my leg....Dropping my hands to cup her ***, I kept seeking her panty line or thong....When she leaned back, me expecting her to chastise me, instead she whispered that her panties were in J's suit pocket!..

Since this is my first post, I'm not sure if I've written too much and bored the crap outta ya or not. Bill in Va.
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Bored? Hell no - looking forward to future posts.

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Wrong side of the country or I'd toss my wife at you and see how it went


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