I Love My New Ep Friends

I just ************ myself looking at your beautiful face. I just wanted to look at you, I had no idea my **** would start to drip and I would sit with my legs open contracting my hole. Holding it tight tight tighter oh god your breasts I want to rub my hands bury my face rub nipples rubbing nipples oh god your picture makes me know if I knew you if I knew you I would love you. You would be my pet, I dream of you finger ******* me as I ram the hairbrush handle farther up my ***** where the large round end pounds my gpot, Pushing my **** down HARD on my exposed exposed begging slit of my **** with my thumb rubbing fast back and forth back and forth oh my thumb hard back and forth my hairbrush handle is pounding me so so hard I am grunting like an animal and pumping my hips riding hairbrush hanle thumbing my **** and I *** and there is so much wet, I pull out the hairbrush and a gush of wet. My ***** is a mess of wet *** juice, I've messed the sheets it's still dripping out of me. I want myself, I want "my taste" I lick my fingers rub my nipples until I can't stand it, I whimper and grind fighting my own urge to touch myself for my taste. The smell of my own juice is hardening my nipples, I reach for me I love my *****, it's so warm. It keeps wetting, dripping, I can't stop rubbing rubbing, I stick my finger so far so far I tremble and moan as I finger my gpot, my ***** is so sensitive I *** right away. I'm still,pumping my ***** reaching for the thickest part of my juice reach my finger in my mouth, I smell my wet ***** soaked hand. I fell asleep with my hand licked clean.
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May 15, 2012