A Man's Mark

I was shocked the first time a guy pulled out and squirted on my face. He put it back in my hungry mouth quickly so I still got plenty to swallow and taste. Still, the act was unexpected and puzzled me at first. The c-m on my face felt tingly, sticky and actually was a turn-on for me afterward.

I realized it was his way of showing that he was a manly man and I was his c-cksucking fairy b-tch. It was a way of preserving his manhood and a bystander could distinguish the stud from the sl-t.

As a c-cksucking transvestite sissy, it just made me hotter than ever. Once I understood, I was ok with it and let it remain on my face as long as possible even to the point of driving home with it there...it made me feel so much like a sissy sl-t!
janusatv janusatv
61-65, T
2 Responses May 24, 2012

I too have worn a real mans ***-in public so others know I'm a good girl---allthough I feel that all *** should be taken and enjoyed internally -

It was also your badge showing who really had the power.