The Gift

The gift
You called and asked me if you could come over..My heart lep and started pounding. With all the calm I could muster, I said sure baby, ill be here, waiting..I went into the living room to wait it seemed like forever before I hear the dogs start barking their someone is here barks..then I heard your truck coming up the road.. Now I was excited, I got up and went out on the porch to greet you.. you were already on your way up the steps. I smiled at you we kissed but just a light quick smooch. then I took your hand and led you into the house and on to my room... there I stopped turned to you and kissed you again this time I for real .. it was aggressive and needing and you returned it..I drug my hands into your hair I felt your hands on my ***, griping my checks..I broke the kiss long enough to pull your shirt over your head..then the bra was gone..I have no idea why I was so urgent but I needed you right now.. my hands back in your hair I pull your head down... down to my groin you dont struggle, your willing I know you love the taste of me in your mouth im wearing sweats pants and that’s all and im not wearing them for long my **** is leaps out and jumps toward you open mouth you catch me in flight.. you don’t stop to look me over you know what I look like, you've seen me many times.. You want me in and in I am..your hands still on my *** pulling me forward, and forward I go down your waiting thraot.. it always, turns me on how aggressive you are on your knees.. for you its not submission, for you it’s a gift, im not taking something from you... Your giving me something and I want it, all of it (Now).. your not merely (willing) No Ma'm your more than that.your much more than wanting, your needing me... In some primal way you need me.. you need my seed.. for some reason.. (It complete you) words cant justice it.. But I get it, I understand it.. cause I need to give it to you.. your sucking me hard and the are groans coming from you as you attract me I manage to pull free form your need.. I lift my **** im getting close but im not ready.. With the other hand the one in your hair, I pull your face to my balls all I an utter is (there..right there baby) MMMM that’s what I like, you know what I like,you’ve me you like it when I say these things.. and your licking me all over yes baby, get me wet..your hand leaves my *** takes my ****, from my hand, puts it back in your mouth as I hear you say MINE.. then the moaning comes back..your sucking with adandon now and im close my hands in your hair I go to lift you off I want you on the bed.. but you lightly bite me and shake your head..Okay if that’s what you in no place to argue you love the shallow me and knowing you do turns me on.. I start ******* your face if that’s what you want then im getting mine I feel my toes grip the carpet.. my knees flex my stance is solid its has to be cause im starting to shiver your sucking so hard now it hurt just a little but baby it hurts soooo good..then I start to feel the way a fire hydrant must..I feel a wave start from the floor run up my legs surge past my balls that’s are now griped tight up to my tant and they are pimping and pulsing as I come.. your hand now working and squeezing me your trying to get every last drop form me into you im still holding you head mostly now for support..
Until part II
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Just keep making it...I will be happy..