Cupcake Lover <3

I  love cupcakes! The way there so tiny and cute with all there little designs on them:) So small with so much flavour and come in so many different colours with so many different designed cases! and the way there placed in the window looking so yummy!
and even when youve bitten in to them...they still look so good:)
Thdn when the case is peeled away... them little ridges left in the sides look good:)... never thought there was so much to say about one individual cupcake did you?:)

And when you see the massive ones in the shop windowss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pink icing spiraled all the way to the top covered in 100's &1000's!!...:)

so yeah:) thats my view on cupcakes!!... & the name looks cuute to :)  " cupcakes" :)



Rosieposey Rosieposey
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010