The Pink Cupcake

When I was a little girl (3 years old) there was a bakery. The man made everything from scratch. My favourite were his Pink Cupcakes. It was a cupcake with pink icing. The taste of it was incredible. I never tasted a cupcake like that ever again. Sadly, the owner passed away. Someone else took over. They have this other bakery that makes the treats now. The Pink Cupcake is long gone, but they make the pink cake. It tastes just like the Pink Cupcake but it's in cake slice form. I wish he would have them made in cupcake form. I really miss those.
Rudinsky Rudinsky 26-30, F 1 Response Feb 21, 2012

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They sound lovely! I love cupcakes and baking them too.

So do I! They are wonderful. Baking is quite fun. =)

I would have loved pink cupcakes!