The Train

My life has started when i was 8 years old, we were in our way to cairo by train. I was staring at man who was sitting beside me .He didnt look at the window to admire the world around him like all passengers.He was just painting. I wanted to know deep down why he was so busy with those stuff.I thought maybe that man had discovered all kinds of pain , he had tried all the ways to get over his sadness, but he didnt find any kindness in this world. So he dicided to begin with his pen to paint his sadness,confusion and depression.He has turned his ugly life into beautiful gardens and flowers, that's why he can't look at the world behind that small window. He can creat his own world of happyness. That hour gaved me an important advise never get stuck in your life, you can creat your own world of happiness.
fnlandgrey fnlandgrey
Aug 12, 2010