My favorite place to get curry is a Thai place in Chicago, on Clark St. called Singha. Its incredible. I get the chicken curry, absolutely incredible. Its too bad, but I seem to always eat it so damn fast, I fill up too fast, and I can never eat enough of it!
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2010

We'll have to do lunch sometime if you're in the Chicagoland area.

Yeah, I've heard its been closed. They have a sister store, the Star of Siam, down on Illinois, I believe. Same exact menus, same staff, same everything. <br />
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Yeah, I just googled it, its now at 11 East Illinois Street.

I've seen that place when I'm in Chicago visiting the boyfriend. But I think it's closed now :(<br />
Sounds like we missed out.

Yeah, the seating is unique. It throws a lot of people off, they automatically say no, they don't care to sit cross legged, and then they climb in and they realize they have a choice. Love the place! Heading back down this weekend.