Ah Shalimar...

Oddly enough the best Indian curry eatery I have known in my life was in Australia. The owners were a Fiji Indian couple with teenage children who left their birth country with all the upheavals and coups in the late 70s early 80s. They wanted a safe haven to educate their children. So they migrated to my home town.

They bought or rented an old corner store property in an excellent location and began to make their reputation. They called the place Shalimar Garden.

They were very quiet unassuming people, resisting the accolades of university students who thrust claims of greatness upon them. But they were truly superb cooks. The tenderest meat curries I have ever eaten.

Sadly after a decade or more of hard work, looking for a quieter life, their children educated, they closed. Vale Shalimar.
61-65, M
Sep 15, 2011