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I tried Curry for the first time about a year ago, and it wasn't exactly instant love.  I find many of the Indian meat-based curry a little to monotone and hot for my tastes.  Thai green curry sold me to the side of curry.  Fiery, yes, but also complex in flavors, and paired often with vegetables as well as meat to diversify the flavors.  Indian curry has wooed me back though with an amazing vegetarian curry featuring several types of vegetables as well as cubes of paneer cheese.  The flavor was heavenly and I cannot wait to go back to the restaurant I found it in. 

What is your favorite type of curry?
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I like the cooking of the Kashmir region, where my bro's mum-in-law is from.<BR>I love the simple way she has of doing basmati rice, it's boiled up with lots of old lamb bones and a bit of spice. Does that even have a name? I also love a stuffed paratha. if there's left over mince lamb, I have to do stuffed paratha. I love chana dall (chick-pea curry) to dip my naan in. I make a mean naan on a hot rock. Wash it down with a mango lassi. :D

The first curry I tried was Indian curry but really fell in love with Thai and Japanese. I make both with package mixes from the oriental market but some day I hope I can find a recipe.

Tim Curry

I love curry. It's my favorite thing to cook. I specialize in the curry of south africa. It's sweeter and often contains fruit. Each region has its own flavors and heat level. The curries in Natal probably resemble Indian style curries. I could go on for hours about curry, but I won't because I get boring really quickly. If anyone is interested, I have recipes.

I have to admit I have never tried thai green curry, my favorites are - lamb balti, chicken tikka masala and beef madras - yummy! I'm not to keen on korma as I find it too mild and creamy, I prefer then hot hot hot, although I daren't try a vindaloo just yet!!

although i'm a spicy food lover - the spicier the better in my opinion ... there is something about curry that trips my gag reflex. this bothers me greatly since i'm not nor have i ever been a 'gagger.' i so wish this is something i could enjoy as i'm intent on diversifying my menu and palate. perhaps i should try again?

I'm a self confessed curryaholic!<br />
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I love all kinds from tibetan to indian to asian.....whatever!<br />
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My favourite it probably chicken korma, medium heat with lots of potato! I also love butter chicken curry with bamboo shoots.<br />
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The smell of curry mmm warms me right up.<br />
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A good tip for people who worry it's too hot is to keep a sliced banana on the table when you're eating it (banana slivers covered in dessicated coconut is also good) as it will help with the heat/spice and tone it down.