I Do Love Curry...i Don't ...

I do love curry...I don't cook with it enough.  I really want to get a spice grinder and start making my own curry mixtures.  I bought a good book a few years back that talks about Indian markets where you can buy bulk dried spices.  There are infinite combinations of spices for curry or other mixes like garam masala.  Fresh veggies combined with a freshly ground curry are magnificent.
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6 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Haha, what's your favorite curry dish?

After reading this I need to go to the local Asian market and get the fixings for my favorite curry dish, but it's snowing so maybe Monday.

I seem to have a pretty good tolerance to spice. I eat pretty spicy food and I don't have the same effects that other people feel.

we are SSOOO different... GARLIC about sums up the spices in my life... I add spice another way LOL

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that chicken dish.

something about curry trips my gag reflex every single time! i don't understand it either because i'm not a 'gagger' ... bizarro ...