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I Am A Full Figured Plus Sized Woman With Curves And There's Nothing Wrong With That!

I love women who are curvaceous and confident in their curves. Nothing sexier then a woman who has some back and some nice thick thighs. Mmmmm.
Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 23 Responses May 31, 2010

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yes, sweet, soft cushion, makes for wonderful pushin

What difference it makes all women have ***** whether curvy or not?

I agree with ya...I love full figured women. The curves The thinkness of there *** and thighs. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

To be honest.. I am in love with a woman's full round mature ***.. so ripe.. so delicious..
like a fruit.. ready for my toungue to probe-
and even more.. her eager full and ripe fruit below-
my toungue.. tingles.. with tantalizing sensations.. awaiting- her flirtatous approval to go on ?
so eager.. to please and ravish all of her fruit divine-

I agree with you. I love nice thick thighs, and calves. I just plain love fat women, they're so sexy. The skinny, mini women don't get my motor running.

I have had more fulfilling experiences sexually with curvey women. Any day !!!

myself i love bbw & curvaceous women both :) they got the nicer rounder butts & most of the time big round breast as well

yup and yup when u r full u r full lies in how u love it the way u r i like it and i love the way u say it

I would rather have a woman with some extra fat rolls if she had sexual confidence, and playfulness. The fat rolls are not permanent like your small ****... :)

Gr8wht, over half of all men and women are obese if not more. Please dont discriminate. I am not saying its healthy but I am saying what would the world be if everyone was thin, skinny, average, plump? Would that be Your perfect world..........there are all kinds of humans.......everyone has a soul and a heart. What you may not like about an obese person is your personal preference but remember we all have flaws and you may just have one thats a deal breaker for someone else..........not trying to be rude...just saying. Lets try not to judge one another.

i agree with you completely!

You should not be putting down fat rolls or people like me who love fat rolls! Double and triple fat belly rolls are divine!

ethan, I don't know about talking to a man but they sure talk to my better half who is a woman lol. She is more like a man I guess though. She was born in the wrong body and is all Boi inside so I guess yes these curves talk to hym in many ways *wink.

Hi Kindal, I have a few questions for you. They are personal though. Let me know if we can talk, maybe you can help.

curvy women are essence of womanhood..... all the love seems oozing out of those if they talk to a man....come ride us.... mmmm.. right kindal??

chargers..ty for your comment. I have heard that same comment many times that overweight woman are more passionate or sexual in the bedroom and that they are nicer. Interesting.

I do love curvy natural women. They are a tremendous turn on. I have also known fat women who are not appealing to look at, I agree. That being said, my experience they also have an extriemely large appetite for sex and wonderful people. Weight doe not define a person.

Thanks for your comments Glen :) Yeah another lover.

They are very sexy to me also!

I do too morning star. :)

I love a woman with curves. These women have confidence in themselves and so SEXY. I love them all.

I love curve women also.. fat rolls not so much.

thanks Luv and Rana :)

no offense is meant when i write this, but there is a difference between curves and fat rolls....curvy = hot, fat rolls = not and also unhealthy

I completely agree with you. Often people say full figured or curvy to hide what they really mean

not true, their is a slight line between fat an obience, curvy is just on the front line of fat and you can be fat in all the right and wrong places.