Absolutely Love Curvey Women

I think they are beautiful. I love nice round *****, hips and supple breasts. Size 0 models look tired and anorexic--I don't know how long I've felt this way but I think it has to do with my next door neighbor growing up.  She had a nice pool and one day I heard her swimming and thought I'd take a peak through the hole in the fence.  My mouth literally watered as she waded out climbing out of the shallow end in a tight, butt-white bikini, way too small for her figure.  I marveled out how her breasts jiggled with each step and how her hips literally swayed left and right. She leaned over a chair and picked up a towel and I watched in awe as her *** cheeks moved in response to the vigorous towel movements. I think I was rooted to that spot for an hour, that is til my Mom opened the side door and asked me what the hell was I doing? Ever since, I'm enchanted by the fleshy female form and idolize to this day. Here's to you plus size women!  I know I speak for many of us when I say, Don't change a thing! You are drop dead gorgeous!!!
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I tell you there is nothing that captivates a man's salivary glands and whets his appetite for a nice chunk of delicious woman body with its womanly scent so alluring even on a day when he is so tired;a curvecious opposite sex will work wonders to rouse the man into formula1 readiness,all throttles roaring and daggers drawn and pitching the tents down there .Nothing beats the feeling for that treat ;-)

Were you ever able to get a glimpse of your neighbor again?