What Women Are Supposed To Look Like

Women are supposed to have an ***, hips and breasts! I don't know how these stick figures who CALL themselves women somehow became the norm or the standard for female beauty but to me, many of them look more like pre-pubescent boys than women.

I love running my hands up and down the body of a woman who has curves, feeling her hips, her ***, her full breasts. Who wants to run their hands up and down a pile of bones?
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My sentiments exactly!

Full figure women rock!

I was just talking to a very special someone about this last night.<br />
You couldnt be more right brother, its hard to get a woman to understand that having those curves makes them BETTER then all the rest.<br />
I dont like Huge women, I hate stick girls. <br />
I just want a nice normal voluptuous woman.<br />
All the curves in the right places and NOT to see her freakin ribs...

no doubt . first of all i hate to keep dragging some skinny ***** back up onto the bed !! lol !!! i actually feel uncomfortable with women who are to thin. i feel like i'll break them. and nothing is better than a nice thick *** to grip into. or big **** to fill your hands. big, juicy, sexy women , nothing better

That's what I'm saying...You need something to grab onto for the ride....Nothing worse then going deep and all of a sudden...BONE! and not mine. That doesn't feel good at all. I'm not saying I like big woman, just they have to have something. Curves are what set men and woman apart.

I have to agree with modestbeauti. Natural women are the most beautiful.

Whatever's natural is beautiful. If they're naturally thin than its beautiful and if they're naturally curvy that’s beautiful too. But starving yourself to be thin and have little or no muscle tone is very unattractive.. Agreed

Love to hear it, James!

Definitely sound like you would make a good DS! Need a bit of motivation of late............ lol come the end of a long day motivation to work out for 30 minutes escapes me - although in the right circumstances....... ;o) <br />
Do however LOVE my curves (most of them!) I'm with angelmorals - surprised there are so many men who think this way!! Yay!

Well, I must admit I am in shock that there is many of you... But than I am a health sexy woman... I am not afraid to show off my body and proud of it.. I am not thin but do know how to enhance my curves and never had any problems... it really depends on the woman to know she is as beautiful and she be proud of what she is... Like I say " what you rather hug a broom stick or a soft pillow..."

No, I'm not a DS. I just like being in charge. I was my units fitness instructor when I was deployed last time so I know how to stay in shape though.

A - ****** - MEN!

Absolutely, you have to be a "healthy" weight. Not too big (obviously) but not too skinny either.<br />
<br />
Eat right and exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes every other day of good cardio, if you can't make it last 30 minutes then do it twice X-D

Well, as a woman with curves, I appreciate the sentiment!!!

BRAVO... from a curvy girl... lol<br />
hugs<br />

Well Stated! I agree wholeheartedly with you and couldn't have said it better myself. The only thing I'd ad is that, in my opinion, would be an addition that women are also supposed to have pubic hair. I don't know what's going on with the younger male gender these days, but I can't understand today's fascination with the like pre-pubescent look to the female torso or the younger women who seem to want to look like they were 12 again. I know I'm going to get filleted on this one, but that's just my view. To me, the "little girl look" is not only way past old... it never was right to begin with. <br />
My opinion and preference. Others will differ.

Bones are for the dogs, the meat is for the man!

Thank you!!!! Me, too!!!!

Well I am afraid that women do not have a choice as to what kind of body that they are born with. I am very glad to say that even thin women can be and are just as sexy as a woman that has a full figure and to put on weight just to please a man is very unhealthy so I am so glad that there are all kinds and shapes of women out there to please us all. LOVE To ALL WOMEN Samantha

I'm with ya brother. For me, thin is definitely not in :)<br />
<br />
If I ran those stupid fashion shows, the women would look a whole lot different.