Oh Yes, I Like Women Who Look Like Women

Don't get me wrong I think those young, skinny women are pretty. But what really appeals to me is a woman in her thirties or forties who's' got wide hips and tends towards being bosomy. Guess what so many call MILFs. When my wife was pregnant she was so hot and afterwards when her figure was more womanly, rather than girly. And it seemed like all of her friends were the same. Once they became moms, their figures got more womanly and so much hotter.

I like a woman to be womanly in appearance - shapely, soft and luscious.
Rumson Rumson
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Lol, I love this post. I guess this makes me a MILF. :)

Why Don't you join a club, or a tennis league or something were you can meet new people and get close to them IS NEVER LATE to built frienship and is so NICE having them,. I am rich in friends . and I know they are there for me, as much as I am for them. I like to say that they are like stars....you don't get to see them everday but you know they are there.<br />
<br />
Try face book is amaing how you can get friends from the past....the ones you grown with....