Wide Hips

Since I was a teen I knew that women with very wide hips had something on me. A friend of mine came up with a term, "Child-bearing hips." Since then I thought that's how a woman should look. I've always adored women with wide hips and narrow waists.
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Haha, your stories all point to the fact that you want a wife & family NOW...lolz. I thought only women felt the clock ticking.

This is true. How do you recognize that though?

Well, your fascination with the process of pregnancy and your attraction to the typically more fertile wide-hipped woman.

Oh. I'm not attracted to hippy women because I want a family, but because they look seriously sexy.

;) ok dear.

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Although I hated to admit it...I too considered that type of figure with female fertility. A sign of being more "woman" than those with narrow hips. Visually, truth be told....I find narrower hips and not a drastic "hourglass" figure MUCH more attractive. Personally, I think it has to do with that figure type being more common (as I saw) with lighter colored skin women...Not my cup of tea!

this is me! :)

Woman with wide hips always attract. Perfect ratio of flesh on body is a feast for bird watchers but hips are very hot when in good shape.

I have small hips, thin-ish thighs, and a belly, the ugliest of body shapes in my opinion, even I don't find my body shape appealing. But hey, I guess that's just another reason why I consider myself a tomboy haha

I know he didn't invent it. He got it from the military.