Just Found This Group...

Hi, just found this group and it never occured to me that men like us bigger woman! All the men I've ever come across have liked the real skinny things that never eat lol.
Kerri1 Kerri1
46-50, F
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I would prefer a curvaceous woman WAY before a skinny little thing. Curvy women are beautiful!

Hi Kerri, I love big women too. They excite me, make me melt, and can't, or won't keep my hands off them. I adore their softness, the way they jiggle, the bulges, the stretch marks, and the rolls. I cherish every inch, and pound of beauty. Fat women are so sexy.

Cool, I'm beginning to see that there are more men who do like us and that makes me feel better. Never found myself sexy though...

Sweet voluptuous women are amazing. Skinny women have never made me feel anything close to as good as a soft, thick goddess. Love pampering them and making them realize how alluring they are, and how jealous the skinny minis should be of how great a fuller figured woman makes some jeans--and lingerie--look :)

Wow, am learning there are men who like us! That's so cool.

Yea we are pretty awesome lol. But that's BC of u. No skinny girl can make anything she wears look amazing just bc u can't be a wisp and be so perfectly womanly and incredible :)

Yep, you're awesome! I'm liking what you're saying too...

Thanks and very much meant it. Botticelli didn't draw in Venus ribcage for a reason. Nothing more erotic than a sweet lady who knows her thighs are beautiful BC they're thick, that she embodies female beauty.

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