Curvy Girl With Pics

I'm young
And have pics in my profile

Message me if interested
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63 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I love curvy women and want to see your pics. Can you add me?

add me pls...:) i am interested:)

Stunning woman, would love to see more! Please add me :)

cant message you, add me first

Add me? It won't let me message you :(

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Can you add me? ;) I'm interested

I would be interested. Could you add me so I can message you?

I love curvy thick women, please add me

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Would love if you would add me and we could be friends and I could see your pics also.

I love curvy women, please add me........

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I can't message you, but I am interested. Would you add me?

Hi add me, I ann in NH where are you ??

I only just found you in the EP people ocean. But I am ancient and I should love to see your pics.
If you have time, take a peek at my profile.
Peter xx

Hot, definitely hot. Show me please. ;-)

I can't get enough of curvy girls I love voluptuous breasts and an *** made to hold on to!

would love tooo see these pics ... i bet you are beautiful ;-)

I'm interested

I am interested. ;)


Yes .. Please

i would love to be added and comment ur pics!

Do u have to add me ,for me to see yr pics babe?

Hi! I'm an older guy obviously! I've dated a few young girls as you and its been awesome! I would love to be added and see your pics and go from there!

U r so beautiful I am interested in seeingvmore of u! Could u add me?

i an very interested in seeing more of you.

Juicy sweet and to see more..

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Interested. X

Sweaty let me see what you got

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Would love to your friend to see them and to comment...

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I'm interested I would like it

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Hey Kinky girl! I am really interested. ;)

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Love curvy women. Add me as a friend so I can see your pics. X

Yes please....

Curves are wonderful

I'm absolutely interested.

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Wopuld love to see your pics - add me please

i'm interested ;)

very much so !!! would love to be your friend !!! have had many a lesbian as friends and lovers over the years, even turned a few

people change their mind sometimes and its probably society that makes them change because they feel outcasted

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Love curvy women!

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Love a soft curvy girl