I Love Being Curvy

I have been some level of curvy since age 13. Jr. High through High School I was thin but curvy.At 13, measured 35-21-34. If I had lived close to somewhere to get fitted properly & carried more sizes, I would have worn about a 28 F. People are not taught this now, but til 19, you are a teenager, not adult size. NineTEEN. In High School I measured 36-22-36 and probably would have worn about a 28 G-H. As an adult, I wear 36HH ( UK size), in US sizes a 36 L if it's a plunge bra. I have to have most tops altered because to fit the chest, it's big through the waist, I don't mind.46 inch chest, I don't tell other measurements now because gymaholics would attack and say I need to live at the gym like them. If they choose that that's fine, I don't mind. I'm built lke women in the 40's, I'm not supposed to be skeletal.My mom has harassed me for years to be bony like my sisters. I finally told her that I have no interest in being skeletal. She finally dropped it. Being adult curvy is amazing! It's like having a huge amplifier on your sensual, the skin is way more sensitive when touched! I feel bad for women who are bony by genes or by choice, they might not ever experience it.           by   Nympho5
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Its about time,i'm so pleased a woman is happy with her size,personally i hate bones i love larger women always have and always will i dont care what anyone says theres nothing better than a woman you know is actually there and you dont feel they're going to break if your to rough,i garentee more men feel the same but just dont have the balls to say that a woman should be a woman not a bag of bones,if your healthy enjoy your size theres just more to play with,obviosly there is a limit there always is there has to be but if your a healthy curvy woman god bless you i love all of you,im in the UK and ive never been with a woman that wasnt atleast a 16 and thats not even close to my limit all my subbmissves are over 14 and they all look amazing especilly with some really nicly tied rope,i especially think ropes look much better on flesh.and who doesnt love huge boobs the bigger the better all the more nuzzle into to.

Women are supposed to have curves!! How else can they create life and nurture their children? Who want's to wake up next to a stick insect?? AB