My First Curvy Girl

Other than my first experience with a busty girl...see Got Caught story.... my first real GF was a girl who started working as receptionist in the office where I worked. The first couple days she started I noticed her as being so sexy n cute. Figured her to be about 25, 5'5 (although she was always sitting behind her counter) beautiful thick dark hair, nice full lips and perfect makeup all the time. Another reason I now LUV latina girls!!
When Friday came i walked in the office and she was standing next to another of the secretaries talking to her about the upcoming weekend. OMG, what a figure! She was wearing a tight black skirt, black designer stockings with heel boots, and a white blouse that showed off her huge boobs. Where the hell did those come from. What have I missed all week! I figured her to be at least a DDD, blouse unbuttoned almost enough to see the center of her bra. But her skin was soo creamy soft and gorgeous. Her big boobs came together to form the deepest and sexiest cleavage high on her chest.
So as she caught me admiring her a lil too long, "good morning Rick".. i could feel my face turn red. "oh Hi Debbie". Ugh whata dumbass. I was so embarassed, which I rarely get around women.
The rest of my day I tried catching glimpses of her. Walking by her counter, finding reasons to go to my truck just so I could walk out and walk by in to see her. Once leaning over her counter asking for an envelope to drop in the mail basket next to her desk. Taking longer than appropriate looks at her beautiful figure.
The day was torture for me. I was intrigued by this busty cutie. The day was coming to an end as everyone was leaving. I was thinking up ways I could ask her out without getting myself into trouble. I didn't have to wait long. A knock on my door and she was standing there when I looked up.
"Hey Debbie. How was your first week?"
"Its been good. I like it here. I was lucky the temp agency sent me instead of the other girls."
"Oh you work for the temp agency?"
"Yea, but Carla said if I work out I could come on full time. That would be perfect!" she said with a big sexy smile, almost a giggle. Was cute.
"yea it would be. I mean if you been wanting to work here for a while."
"Well I didn't know until today actually" another big sexy grin with that full lips.
"Oh yea? What changed today?"
"Well.. since you asked, I enjoyed teasing you all day. I hope you didn't mind?" as she closes my office door and stands closer to my desk.
"Well I actually enjoyed it." I laughed a little.
"I know you did" she laughs back. "You couldn't keep your eyes off my chest or my ***."
"oh know, kinda hard to miss" i get out.. blushing again.
"Do my breasts make you uncomfortable? Oh, I get it, you have never been with a thick girl with big boobs have you?" eyes locked on mine, smiling. "Give me your hands." as she places her hands on my desk. I slide my hands across top of my desk to her side of it. she turned them over, palms up. She lowered her boobs into my hands. "Go ahead, squeeze them. They love to be squeezed."
Within minutes she had her top off, sitting on my lap in my office, feeding me her big ****. When i undid her bra, I noticed the 38F size. Her big dark nipples were delicious and hard.
From that day on, for about 5 months, she fed me her ****. After the first week, she would come into my office, get down on her knees and suck my ****, stroke me between her big ****. She loved it from behind so she coudl rest her **** on my desk.
I found out she was only 21 and insatiable. on valentines day she wore a sexy red bra n matching thong under her black skirt n blouse. We ****** after everyone left in my office. She asked me not to pull out, so unloaded a huge load into her kitty deep. She slipped her wet *** dripping thong back on and said she needed to go, her bf was waiting outside for her! :)
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Nov 27, 2012